Knee & Hip Joint Replacement

Knee & Hip Joint Replacement

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The joint replacement team at Ashadeep Hospital gives comprehensive and meticulous care and treatment to help enhance the quality of a patient’s life and gives them a range when it comes to motion and mobility, regardless of whether hip or knee troubles were caused by factors such as any kind of physical injury, be it sports or otherwise, an ageing state or even an accident. The surgeons are well equipped and trained to evaluate, assess, diagnose and heal issues related to the hip and knee that may necessitate joint replacement surgery.
As the name suggests, hip and knee replacement involve surgical procedures where the damaged or diseased surface of the joint is removed and replaced with a prosthesis, which is an artificial unit. This is mostly suggested by the primary care physician in cases where the joints, in this case the hip and knee, have been causing excruciating pain and soreness, thereby resulting in a restricted state of movement and mobility. Notably, joint replacement happens to be one of the most common and sought-after types of prosthetic surgeries these days, and recent technologies as well as biological advances have made outcomes more predictable and successful.

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