Spinal Surgeries

Spinal Surgeries

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At Ashadeep Hospital, personalised and expert care is offered to patients who suffer from a wide range of neck and back conditions. From disc degeneration to spinal arthritis, from scoliosis to tumours and spinal deformities, we undertake all with skill and precision. Traditional surgical methods are integrated with the latest minimally invasive techniques that are completely tech-driven, leading to the ability to perform complex operations with the utmost care and ease.
The prolapsed intervertebral disc (PIVD), which is commonly referred to as a herniated disc, is a condition of the spine which results in frequent neck and back pain. There is a circular tissue in the shape of a disc that resides between the adjacent vertebrae and is known as the intervertebral disc. Being in between the two vertebrae, the disc offers support as well as a cushion. The condition of herniated discs is very common but can be very painful. The team at Ashadeep Hospital is skilled when it comes to disc removal as well as replacement, spine decompression, etc. The treatment options can vary from non-surgical to invasive.
At Ashadeep Hospital, we perform scoliosis treatment as well, which is often referred to as curvature of the spine. In scoliosis, the spine makes a pretty abnormal side-to-side curve. It should be noted that scoliosis is frequently diagnosed in children, and treatment may be lifelong. Apparently, scoliosis usually does not cause any pain, with bracing being a common treatment for it. Although in some severe cases, there may be a requirement for surgery.

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